Oil Reviews QC OIL TM
Toyota Tacoma
Hello everyone My name is Sergey. I'm the owner of Tacoma. I've known Sasha for almost 10 years. He was engaged in my previous car, there were acquaintances in motorsport. In general, I have great respect for his opinion, approach, and advice, which means I trust him.
ONE-UP Motorsport
"Our ONE-UP Motorsport sports team has been using QC OIL in sports cars of various motorsport disciplines for three years. At maximum loads on the engine and transmission, in conditions of extreme air temperatures, QC OIL oils do an excellent job.
Nissan Juke
On a run of 130 thousand km. another engine oil change. The first time I changed the oil with washing. The QC OIL washing oil with a new filter for full effect was driven for 60 minutes at idle. The test came out dark, the washing oil worked well.
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